Secure and reliable communication

NIS-R as a communication platform is used globally 24/7 and, due to communicating across different technologies, facilitates the smooth operation of numerous suburban railways.

Telematix has developed specific solution modules that can be used optionally for applications in the following areas:

  • Integrated solution for public address, emergency call and operational telecommunication (incl. additional radio functions) for stations and stops
  • All-IP solution, from the dispatcher terminals, to the automatic and centralized public address service, as well as the IP amplifiers on site
  • Intuitive dispatcher work stations
  • Emergency communication and the special terminals required, as well as the connection of video systems to control the cameras
  • Monitoring and control of I/O contacts
  • PA announcements for information or evacuation purposes
  • Integrated VoIP soft switch provides extensive functions and applications and enables the connection to external exchanges and the public telephone network
  • Modular and scalable system architecture allows the deployment for simple as well as highly complex solutions and supports the design of a distributed and highly available infrastructure

The NIS-R communication system was in many respects developed specifically for use in the metro segment and therefore meets the highest demands with respect to sturdiness, availability and compliance with standards.

We can put together a communication system that is optimised for your purpose from a wide range of our own components, combined with products from third-party manufacturers, if required.

All communication functions in one system

Depending on the application, completely different technologies are used and various communication functions can be combined within one system (e.g. emergency calls and PA system).

The NIS-R communication solution is highly configurable and can be optimally adapted to the project-specific requirements. Furthermore, the system can be embedded seamlessly in an existing infrastructure by means of various interfaces and gateways (connection to control or monitoring systems, as well as communication and data networks).

We support you

It goes without saying that we will advise and support you during all project phases and that we will continue to be there for you after the successful transition into operation. Our customer service and the longevity of our products are as important to us as is providing an optimal technical solution that meets all of your requirements.

All-IP public address- / intercom solution for urban public transport

On the basis of our NIS-R IP-based communication system, all communication requirements for urban public transport such as underground and suburban railways can be met.

Operational communication, PA and emergency call system

NIS-R provides the following basic functions, which are required of a communication system in the urban public transport segment:

  • Operational communication between the control centre, station and train staff, as well as with the public and administrative telephone network
  • Electronic PA systems for automated and manual public address announcements for railway stations, metro stations and lines
  • Use of the PA system as voice alarm system
  • Emergency call and information call points for stations, platforms and depots
  • Dispatcher solution with interfaces to analogue and digital radio systems
  • Control and monitor third-party systems (e.g. escalators, lifts and doors)
  • Integration in higher-level control systems
  • Transmit alarm messages to the control system (in the case of an emergency call or detected event).
  • Excellent audio quality, given by the use of the latest technology


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