Telematix renews underground emergency call system in Berlin

Transpennine Express

Telematix has been awarded the contract by BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) for the gradual renewal of the NISYS system environment and the development of a modern, IP-based emergency call system for the Berlin underground railway.

The current system is a proprietary solution developed specifically for BVG. This cannot simply be replaced by standard products, but requires some customisation and development: The granular Telematix platform NIS-R offers the ideal modular system for this. The VICOS CSS intercom station electronics based on 2-wire DSL technology allows the integration of full IP components, utilising the existing station cabling.
Together with BVG, we look forward to successfully realising the project over the next few years.


Successful commissioning of the Telematix dispatcher system in Bulgaria

ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft

The Telematix dispatcher system NIS-R was successfully connected to the existing GSM-R core in Bulgaria. Partners and end customers were able to convince themselves of the flawless operation of the system on site.
In a first step, more than 30 dispatchers were delivered for the Plovdiv-Burgas section. The line section is part of the European high-speed rail network and connects Plovdiv in the interior with Burgas on the Black Sea.


VB-Verkehrsbetriebe Biel use DMR radio control system from Telematix
ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft

Image source: VB-Verkehrsbetriebe

As a public transport company, Verkehrsbetriebe Biel (VB) enhances the quality of life in the Biel region. As a reliable and agile partner, VB connects people, places and experiences.
As part of the renewal of the voice radio system to DMR operation by Rhäticom, VB has introduced the Surveycom radio control system from Telematix.
The Surveycom radio control system is operated as a virtual server in VB’s IT infrastructure.
The radio control terminal at the control center allows straightforward voice communication calls with individual vehicles, routes and deployed dispatchers equipped with handheld radios. Covert alarms and emergency calls from the vehicles are prioritized by the radio control system and presented to the dispatcher accordingly. When the control center is unmanned, all incoming voice requests from drivers are automatically forwarded to the handheld radio of the dispatcher on duty.
The connection of the radio control system to the ITCS control system allows direct call setup to a driver or course via the user interface of the ITCS client application.
All radio calls are recorded by the integrated COMLog voice recording solution and are available to authorized persons for subsequent evaluation.
For the DMR common wave system, Rhäticom uses the proven Kairos base stations from Kenwood, which are directly connected to the Surveycom radio control system via the IP network.
The Surveycom radio control system from Telematix is already being used successfully by numerous customers in the infrastructure, industry and transport sectors.


Many thanks to Eurotunnel!

Transpennine Express

We would like to sincerely thank Eurotunnel for the good cooperation over the past years and the trust they have placed in Telematix.

With the extension of the maintenance contract by 5 years, Telematix also guarantees excellent support for the coming years and looks forward to a continued prosperous cooperation.

The 50km long Eurotunnel is the fastest car/truck connection between France and Great Britain. It connects Coquelles (FR) and Folkestone (UK) with a travel time of 35 minutes.


«TRANSPENNINE EXPRESS» relies on Telematix
Transpennine Express

Image source: Mike McNiven

Telematix has been awarded the contract to renew the existing Telematix emergency call system of TRANSPENNINE EXPRESS in the North of England. The core infrastructure will be completely replaced and the latest version of the NIS-R software installed. As a long-standing customer, TRANSPENNINE EXPRESS is convinced of the Telematix solutions and intends to continue using them in the future.
TRANSPENNINE EXPRESS connects the most important cities in the north of England and Scotland. TPE’s route network stretches from Liverpool via Manchester to Scarborough and up to Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Southeastern Railway relies on Telematix

Telematix has been awarded the contract to renew Southeastern Railway’s emergency call system in southern England. In addition to the core infrastructure (server and GSM gateway), all ISDN-based call stations and the older GSM call stations will be replaced by the new 4G GSM call station card “WAM-GSX 4G” from Telematix.
The WAM-GSX 4G symbolises the efforts of Telematix AG to harmonise industrialisation and ecology. Not only was the design and development carried out in Hombrechtikon (Switzerland), but the card is also produced in the immediate vicinity. This not only ensures short transport routes, but also guarantees ethical and social standards in production.


ÜSTRA in Hanover renews the entire emergency call and public address technology with Telematix components

ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft

Image source: ÜSTRA/ Florian Arp

After the new elevated platforms were equipped by Telematix and the conversion of all underground stations was started last year, the remaining overground stations are now also being converted. For this purpose, Telematix AG has received an order worth millions from the “ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft” to supply the material for the modernisation of the emergency call and passenger public address system for all overground stations.

The order includes, among other things, the delivery of the intercom electronics “VICOS” for 330 emergency call points as well as IP amplifiers, sensor microphones and monitoring technology for 180 overground stops. This will replace old components that are already controlled by the Telematix PASys public address system. The new IP amplifiers will also be integrated into the Telematix automatic train announcement system ZASys.


Increased information security for KRITIS companies thanks to ISO27001 certification

Telematix AG has successfully passed the recertification of ISO 9001 and new certification of ISO 27001 in a combined audit. The external auditing body has thus confirmed that the data and information at Telematix AG are secure, have integrity and are available at all times throughout the entire lifecycle.

ISO 27001 takes into account the security and protection of all components

Information security is an umbrella term for the security and protection of all information in digital and non-digital systems. By means of specifications and operational organisation, the protection and security of all information in the company is ensured, always in accordance with the security goals of “confidentiality”, “integrity” and “availability”. A large part of this takes place within information systems. The protection of these systems is covered within the framework of IT security. Here, not only the technology is considered, but also the human component.

Employees were actively involved and sensitised in the certification process

Telematix AG has set up a flexible, modular and integral management system for this purpose. The implementation of the management system required close, cross-departmental cooperation between many employees. As a result, a lot of internal know-how was built up in a short time and the employees were sensitised in the ongoing process.

Information security is anchored in the corporate culture with targeted information events and awareness training. Every employee is aware of the dangers and acts accordingly. Possible attacks by cyber criminals can be detected and dealt with accordingly thanks to early detection.

The certification shows that Telematix is able to handle the protection of IT systems, personal data and other sensitive or critical information.


Telematix renews platform communication at ÜSTRA in Hannover

Within the scope of the new construction / reconstruction of light rail stops to modern elevated platforms, the ÜSTRA is also renewing the communication technology at the stops. In addition to the proven IP intercom technology for the emergency call pillars, Telematix is also supplying the PASys public address system.


Image source: ÜSTRA/Arp

PASys allows time-controlled or manual announcements to be made at the stops directly from the control centre workstations. Complemented by the hot-standby technology and the COMLog voice recorder from Telematix, the entire communication spectrum at the stops is covered.

The new train announcement system ZASys developed by Telematix reports trains arriving and departing with pinpoint accuracy and thus automatically controls announcements and displays at the stops.

The PASys system is also used at individual bus stops. In addition to the station PA system, acoustic signalling devices enable people with visual impairments to find a button with which the content of the bus display can be read aloud.


Deutsche Bahn opts for dispatcher technology from Telematix AG

As part of an EU-wide award procedure for the “Gefo Reinvest” project, Deutsche Bahn (DB Netz AG) has concluded a framework contract with Kontron Transportation Deutschland GmbH for the construction of a state-of-the-art communication system that meets the requirements of DB’s modern operations management. The dispatchers for this are supplied by Telematix AG.

DB Netz AG operates the telecommunications for railway operations communication and ensures secure and reliable voice transmission between the dispatchers, the operations centres and the train drivers with the corresponding infrastructure. With “Gefo Reinvest”, the communication system based on older ISDN technology, including 3’500 associated Gefos (GSM-R stationary telephones), will be replaced by a state-of-the-art communication system in the next few years under the leadership of Kontron Transportation Deutschland.

The new system is based on the next generation of communication systems for mission-critical networks (Next-Gen-Dispatcher System) and will interoperate with the existing GSM-R network (Global System for Mobile Communication-Railway). The MCX Dispatcher System is based on the MCX (Mission Critical Services) switching platform of Kontron Transportation and its IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), as well as the Dispatcher-Application Server and the MCX Dispatcher Terminals (GEFO) of Telematix AG. It offers open and standardised interfaces and is already an investment towards FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System). The integration into the existing GSM-R system of DB Netz ensures a simple migration in the future.


GSM-R Dispatcher System for Indian Freight Corridors

Golden Quadrilateral Freight Corridor (GQFC)

The Indian QDFC comprises 6 freight corridors: The rails connect the four largest metropolises Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. In future, 55% of India Railway’s freight traffic is to be transported via these. All corridors together cover a total length of 10,122 km.

With the construction of the individual corridors, a modern GSM-R communication network is also being built, which will support the operational communication for handling the freight transports. Telematix is supplying the necessary dispatching infrastructure for both the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (Mumbai – Delhi) and the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (Delhi-Kolkata). The construction and financing of the remaining corridors has already been approved and is expected to be completed in the next few years.


Renewal of the emergency call system on the National Highways A2 and A4

The emergency call system on the A2 between the junction Beckenried and the south portal of the Gotthard Road Tunnel in Airolo and on the A4 between the junction Küssnacht and Altdorf is partly in poor condition and needs to be replaced. The plant has reached the end of its service life and spare parts are no longer available in the medium-term.

The aim of the current redevelopment is to increase safety in the project perimeter and to renew and expand the emergency call system to the current state of the art. In some cases, emergency call points are replaced completely or only in part.

In summary, the following services form the scope of works:

  • Upgrading the emergency call points
  • Renewal of the electronics of the alarm boxes
  • Delivery, transport, and commissioning of mobile emergency call points for the conversion phase
  • Delivery, assembly, wiring and commissioning of a redundant system control for the emergency call system.
  • Deconstruction and disposal of the existing emergency call system

 The main works are in full swing and are expected to be completed by the end of 2023.


Telematix supplies DMR radio dispatch system to Regionalwerke Baden

Image source: RWB Baden

As an energy company, Regionalwerke AG Baden (RWB) reliably supplies its customers with energy and water. RWB plans, builds and operates the necessary facilities and networks with foresight.

This autumn, Lixnet, in cooperation with Telematix, renewed the radio system of Regionalwerke Baden.

The radio network supplements the RWB’s existing means of communication and is mainly used as a fallback level in the event of faults or special incidents. The new system guarantees voice communication even in the event of a prolonged power failure. To further increase availability, a separate, self-contained IP network is used.

The Surveycom radio dispatch system consists of a central server and three geographically remote radio dispatcher terminals. The role and user management allows close and coordinated cooperation between the individual locations. Surveycom independently monitors all components of the radio system and displays the current status on the dispatcher terminals.

For the DMR common wave system, Lixnet uses the proven Kairos base stations from Kenwood, which are directly connected to the Surveycom radio dispatch system via the IP network.

The Surveycom radio dispatch system from Telematix is already being used successfully by several customers in the infrastructure, industry and transport sectors.


Demonstration of driverless train as part of the Shift2Rail initiative

Recently, the companies AŽD, Kontron Transportation and Thales demonstrated a driverless train as part of the European research and innovation initiative Shift2Rail. An integral part of this demonstration was also the dispatcher system from Telematix.

For those of you who are interested this is the technical background:
Kontron Transportation supported the automated train operation with its innovative Adaptable Communication System ACS based on MCx technology. Kontron’s onboard gateway helps the ATO application to become independent of the underlying radio technology.
ACS selects the best transmission path for the rail application to direct and switch critical traffic between available 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi networks. In addition, Kontron’s MCX client stack is coupled in so-called tight mode with ATO’s obstacle detector to demonstrate the FRMCS setup onboard. The FRMCS service needed for critical signalling between the onboard obstacle detector and the track is implemented using Kontron’s MCx core in the cloud.

In the video, you can see how ATO drives the train, in all situations where obstacles were detected the Onboard Gateway and ACS ensures that the warnings generated by the train reach the track via the best transmission path.
To visualize how the ACS manages traffic, the Next-Gen Dispatcher system which Kontron is developing with Telematix tracks the position of the train, the obstacle detector, and the status of the ACS on the map.

Finally, the emergency braking of the train is accompanied by an emergency call as provided for FRMCS. This is received by the staff on board the train and on trackside in the accident area on smartphones running Kontron’s MCx Android app.


Telematix expands the communication system of the S-Bahn Hamburg to an operational telecommunications system

For more than 20 years, the S-Bahn Hamburg has relied on the proven operational communication solution NIS-R from Telematix to ensure emergency and information calls on platforms.

The existing system is extended with 23 dispatcher terminals and expanded to an operational telecommunications system. This means that operational communication will now also be handled via the NIS-R system.

Advanced functions such as voice mailbox, multi-party conference or DECT integration ensure that operators are always ready for action.

The hot standby technology used by Telematix guarantees very high availability and uninterrupted communication, even in the event of a server failure. Redundant gateways guarantee the connection to the Deutsche Bahn communication network.

In order to have all relevant data available when needed, the S-Bahn Hamburg relies on the integrated voice recording “COMLog” from Telematix. In addition to the conversations, this also records the associated connection data in signed form.


Renewal of the emergency phone infrastructure A1 Dietikon-Birrfeld
The installations of the operating and safety equipment are at the end of their service life. The renewal of the most important installations on the open road includes the video systems, the signalization, the emergency telephony and the wiring.

Telematix is commissioned by FEDRO to upgrade the emergency telephone infrastructure to the latest state of the art technology. The project includes the conversion of the emergency call stations to the latest LTE-Technology as well as the modification of the SOS alarm boxes in the area of the Baregg and Neuenhof tunnels.

The preservation project will be completed by the end of 2023 and guarantees road safety and maintenance of the facilities and plants for at least 15 years without intervention.


Kontron/Telematix modernizes the train radio network in Lithuania

End of 2020 Kontron Transportation and LTG Infra signed the contract for the installment of a new communications system on the Lithuanian Railways (LTG) to take the next step into the future of railways.

10 years ago, in 2010, Belam-Riga and Nortel (now Kontron Transportation) installed the GSM-R radio communication system, with 136 base stations, 281 fixed control panels and about 600 radio stations in locomotives and other self-propelled vehicles.

Now the next step in the cooperation between LTG and Kontron Transportation is taking place with the implementation of a completely new communications system: Telematix supplies the dispatcher workstations.

During the 15 months of project implementation, which started on the 25th of January 2021, the NSS equipment will be modernized, modifications for the existing BSS will be made and a new FDS system of Telematix will be implemented. With this new update the operational connection will become even more reliable, the system will be managed automatically and the IT costs of LTG will be reduced.

After the implementation Kontron Transportation and Telematix will also be the reliable partner in maintaining the system during the next 9 years.


Telematix expands the Ruhrbahn’s communication system
The Ruhrbahn has been using the proven NIS-R all-IP operational communication solution from Telematix for several years to ensure emergency calls on platforms and in lifts.

The existing system will be expanded with 150 additional IP-DSL call stations and 16 operator terminals. This means that operational communication will now also be handled via the NIS-R system. By connecting the video surveillance, the users automatically see the camera images matching an emergency call on their monitors.

The hot-standby technology used by Telematix guarantees uninterrupted communication, even in the event of a server failure.

In order to have all relevant data available in case of need, the Ruhrbahn relies on the integrated voice recording “COMLog” from Telematix, which, in addition to the conversations, also provides the associated connection data in signed form for later evaluation.

The alarm system is now also fully integrated into the system. Faults will then be displayed directly on the operating device, which will significantly reduce response times.


Source: TBA GR

Winter road clearance service TBA Graubünden uses the alerting system from Telematix

The Graubünden Civil Engineering Office (TBA GR) is responsible for winter road maintenance on national and cantonal roads. This includes snow clearance and combating winter ice.

As a component of the newly introduced IT system “Winter road clearance TBA GR”, Telematix supplies the alarm system for deploying employees to clear snow from roadways. Together with the winter maintenance application, the Telematix alerting system serves to optimize processes and standardize the deployment duty journal.

The alarm system informs the winter road clearance service drivers and operations managers by SMS about new orders. In addition, the driver receives a voice call from the alerting system, with a voice message informing him of the new job.

The interactive IVR application (Interactive Voice Response) of the alarm system allows the driver to query and acknowledge the status of his order at any time. In the course of the job execution, the driver reports the current status via the alarm system to the winter maintenance application and thus to the dispatchers.

The orders and their status are exchanged between the winter maintenance application and the alarm system via a web interface.

The alerting system is based on the communication platform NIS from Telematix and runs as an independent virtual appliance on the IT environment of the TBA GR.


Telematix modernizes Operational Dispatch System of the Appenzeller Bahnen

© Appenzeller Bahnen | www.appenzellerbahnen.ch

The Appenzeller Bahnen connect the regions between Lake Constance and Alpstein with their network of lines and promote the mobility of people from the city, rural areas and tourism. The Appenzeller Bahnen have been relying on the NIS-R operational communication solution from Telematix for several years.
This summer Telematix received the order to upgrade the NIS-R system to the latest release.
Within the scope of this release update, the central NIS-R communication platform was newly installed as a virtual application in a superordinate data center. The redundant hot-standby cluster from Telematix offers maximum availability and ensures uninterrupted operation.
In addition, the station Teufen was equipped with the PASys announcement system from Telematix.
The VoIP amplifier at Teufen station is directly connected to the IP data network of the Appenzeller Bahnen and thus connected to the central PASys application in the data center. All components of the PASys announcement system are permanently monitored. In case of a malfunction the responsible departments of the Appenzeller Railways are automatically informed.

Earlier reports

NIS Release 6.0 comes with new SBG design

With the NIS Release 6.0, Telematix brings, among other things, a new, modern user interface design for the SBG terminal, as well as completely new possibilities for its customer-specific design.
The operator can now switch between a light and a dark mode at will. The light mode provides optimum contrast in bright ambient lighting, while the dark mode is particularly suitable for operation in darkened rooms.
The customer now also has the option of creating his own design themes and loading them onto the system. This allows them to completely customize the background colors, font colors, key colors, line colors and key images to suit their needs.

Telematix delivers DMR dispatch solution to Primeo Energie

Firmenlogo Primeo Energie                Firmenlogo Rhäticom Gruppe

As part of the migration from analogue to DMR radio operation, Primeo Energie relies on the DMR radio radio dispatch solution from Telematix.

The radio dispatch solution is based on the proofed all-IP communication platform NIS from Telematix.
The radio network was designed and supplied by the radio solution provider RHÄTICOM Group.

Telematix developed the radio operating concept in close cooperation with RHÄTICOM Group and Primeo Energie.
The new functions are seamlessly integrated into the existing NIS user interface.
Primeo Energie uses the system at several dispatcher workplaces in parallel operation.
The NIS role concept ensures the coordinated colaboration between the dispatchers for all radio communications.

The integrated voice recording system from Telematix logs all analog and DMR communcation of the connected radio networks.
All radio calls, including the associated connection details, are available in a signed form for later evaluation.

The radio dispatch solution informs the dispatchers about malfunctions in the radio system and immediately forwards alarms to the umbrella management system of Primeo Energie.
All currently active DMR radio terminals are monitored and visible to the dispatcher.

The system is operated as a geo-redundant cluster, ensuring high availability.
The simultaneous operation of the existing analog terminals and the newly introduced DMR terminals enables a smooth migration.
This allows Primeo Energie to run smoothly and without interruption during the transition phase.

Fleet renewal & change to SEAT

After a longer evaluation phase, Telematix will change its vehicle fleet at the end of 2019. The extremely lucrative full leasing offers and the variety of diesel vehicle types have made the decision to switch to SEAT.

We are delighted to have found a partner in AMAG Gümligen, who gave us competent advise and provided active and flexible support during the transition phase.

SEAT-Flotte für Telematix

Presentation of next-gen dispatcher solution for railways

The two technology partners Telematix and Kontron presented their joint MCX-architecture based next-gen dispatcher solution at DB Netz AG in Eschborn. More than 50 representatives of DB Netz AG got an insight into the operational telephony of the future. Thanks the fair-like atmosphere, in-depth and interesting discussions with the delegates were possible.

Ticos Engineering AG gets a new corporate design

Ticos Engineering AG, the subsidiary of Telematix AG, is given a new look. With the new look, the group presents itself uniformly.

As a system integrator, Ticos Engineering AG plans and builds control and guidance systems for lighting, energy, ventilation and traffic systems. It is based in Schaffhausen and serves both public and private customers.

Link: Ticos Engineering AG

Case study about Telematix Cloud Infrastructure

nexellent, the IT partner of Telematix AG, publishes a case study on the complete hybrid Telematix cloud infrastructure under the slogan “Office 365 – nexellent private cloud – on premises”.

Link: nexellent, success story Telematix

Concentration of electronics production

Telematix concentrates the electronic production of its components at Werap Elektronik AG in Bubikon. Thanks to the proximity between the Telematix development site Hombrechtikon and the production we gain flexibility and short communication paths, which is a great advantage for our small series. In line with the relocation of the assemblies, all electronic products were revised and adapted to the latest requirements.

Link: WERAP Elektronik AG

Construction Site Open Day on A1 North Bypass Zurich

Telematix AG presents its highway emergency call system components and its tunnel voice broadcast systems on the open day of the construction site on the A1 North Bypass Zurich.

Opening hours: Saturday, 21 September 2019, 10 – 16 hrs.

Link: Report from the Swiss Federal Roads Office ASTRA

Tag der offenen Baustelle A1 Nordumfahrung Zürich, 21.09.2019